Residential Approved Thames Water In East Meon

We have approved plumber forThames Water. Under Regulation 6, of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, the approved contractor is required to issue a certificate of compliance. We are registered under the guidance and supervision of the Thames Water Approved Plumbing Scheme (TAPS)

We hold this qualification and we can help you when you need to have either or commercial and domestic plumbing installation certificate done for your properties

Water Regulations Domestic Installation – TAPS Certificate Required

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, set requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of plumbing systems and water fittings. The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) allows organisations such as Thames Water to run an approval scheme, which enables plumbers or contractors to self-certificate their own work. This negates the need for a separate regulations inspection to be carried out by water companies who have a duty to enforce the regulations.

There are currently four types of certificates:

TAPS 3 Certificate

For internal work in new properties and can be only issued by an approved plumber.

TAPS 4 Certificate

For internal work in existing properties that require no new connections or upgrades of supply size from Thames Water. This can only be issued by an approved plumber.

TAPS 5 Certificate

For underground supply pipes from an outside stop valve or boundary to an inside stop valve. Either an approved plumber or underground worker can issue this.

TAPS 6 Certificate

For notification work. This is issued by an approved plumber and is followed up by a TAPS 4 certificate once the work is complete.

Examples of our water plumbing instpection service sand certificates are  :

-TAPS3 plumbing certificate water inspection

-TAPS4 plumbing certificate water inspection

-TAPS5 plumbing certificate water inspection

-TAPS6 plumbing certificate water inspection

-Taps certificates for thames water

- Commercial plumbing system inspection

- Water regulations inspection

- Thames water approved plumbers

- Thames approved plumbers

- Thames water approved contractors

- Emergency thames water approved plumbers

- Thames water approved plumbing engineers

- Thames water approved plumbers

- 24HR thames water approved contractors

We repair, maintain, service and install all commercial – domestic gas, commercial catering appliances, commercial – domestic air-conditioning, refrigeration, commercial laundry appliances services, commercial - domestic air-conditioning sytem, commercial - domestic refrigeration & freezer , commercial - domestic LPG , commercial – domestic heating, plumbing and multi trade services to all types of commercial and residential customers.  All of our services are offered to types of customers :

  • Landlords,tenants                                                          *  Overseas clents in all countries
  • Commercial – domestic Landlord or tenant              *  Clients from Surgeries, clinics, hospitals
  • Clients in cinemas or theatres                                      *   Hotel Clints
  • Restaurant Clients                                                           *   Clients in Pub - Cafe
  • Office Clients                                                                     *   Supermarket Clients
  • Shopping mall Clients                                                      *   Clients in Commercial Buildings
  • Clients in olleges, universities or schools                     *   Clients in Hospitol,Clinic,Surgery
  • Production Factory clients                                              *   Clients in the Markets
  • Clients who work in all commercial  properties         *   Clients in the showrooms
  • Clients in the showroom                                                 *   Senior Citizen Clients
  • Charity clients                                                                   *   Charity Clients
  • Letting agent & Property maintenance customers    *   Other Contractors and Trades Clients
  • Customers in  museum                                                   *    Customers in building sites      
  • Anyone in small, medium,large property                    *    Clients who live on the boats
  • Clients who are in Mobile Caravans                             *   Clients in Factory

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