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Solar panels for electricity

The Need for Solar Panels – Your London Solar Hot Water Installer

Green energy is the need of the hour, if we have to save our Earth from the harmful effects of emissions. Using solar panels to utilise solar energy is seen as one of the biggest contributors towards this green revolution. So, it makes perfect sense to harness solar energy.

We can help you with any repair, maintenance on your existing solar hot water or solar heating system and even new solar panel system that you need to get installed for your homes, offices, commercial or domestic buildings . Our solar panel installers can give you all advice you need, discuss about the whole.


Solar panel system for heating and hot water

Getting to know - What is solar panel water heating?

Solar heating converts sunlight into heat. This heat is transferred to your hot water cylinder supplementing the gas energy used to fuel your current boiler. Solar heating panels are going to become more and more popular in a very near future as Solar water heating is good for the environment and will help reduce your central heating and electricity bills.


How does solar water heating work - can you get commercial solar panels for your home?

We attach solar panels to your roof and then connect them to a solar hot water cylinder, using a heat transfer system. The cylinder itself can be placed in an unobtrusive place such as an airing cupboard. The cylinder then stores the hot water that has been produced during the day by the sunlight, ready for use when you need it.


Where do the solar panels go?

A South facing roof ensures that the solar panels get the highest exposure to the sun. However, solar panels can be fitted to a south-east or south-west facing roof provided there is only a minimal of shading.

Solar power efficiency is not designed for only new homes but if you already have existing homes you can still add high efficiency solar panels on to your roofs. In some properties or new homes or new commercial buildings are designed to have this system to help people save energy. They tend to exten the roof and solar roofs panels to help them save cost, doesn’t matter what type of buildings they are, they can still have solar hot water heating system fitted. We have experts who can advise you the process of the installation – they have experience to tell you what solar panels installation costs are and how they will do the work in such they way that it will work well for your property. They can build solar panel for both commercial and domestic (residential) offices, homes, flats and etc.

1. In the simplest panels, Sun heats water flowing in a circuit through the collector (the panel on your roof).

2. The water leaving the collector is hotter than the water entering it and carries its heat toward your hot water tank.

3. The water doesn't actually enter your tank and fill it up. Instead, it flows into a pipe on one side of the tank and out of another pipe on the other side, passing through a coil of copper pipes (the heat exchanger) inside the tank and giving up its heat on the way through.

4. You can run off hot water from the tank at any time without affecting the panel's operation. Since the panel won't make heat all the time, your tank will need another source of heating as well—usually either a gas boiler or an electric immersion heater.

5. The cold water from the heat exchanger returns to the panel to pick up more heat.

6. An electric pump (powered by your ordinary electricity supply or by a solar-electric (photovoltaic) cell on the roof keeps the water moving through the circuit between the collector and the water tank.

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