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Unusual heating system breakdown in a pub - we saved the customer £15,000 with experience and skill we have

We once had a customer who had an unusual heating system in a pub. He rang us up and said no one knew about this system and was told he would have to pay £20,000 to get an upgrade. So we said we would take a look, 
Our techncial engineer went there and seen it was a Clima roca York old part gas and part Air conditioning system.
He had seen it needed a rewire and pcb board.
No one in the country knew how to sort this and could  not get parts or the wiring diagrams.

So he dug deeper and he tracked the 40 year old appliance to moved from the UK to Spain.
Spain said that the parts are made in California!

So he got the parts and wire diagrams and got it going after getting the part from around the world in usa!
Heonly charged £5000
Saving the customer  £15000!


Of you ever get a company telling you to get a new appliance- always get a second opinion.!



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