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Our registered plumbers can help you with all issues you have. If you ever experience any radiator problem you know who to call!

A leaking radiator should be remedied as soon as possible. If it doesn’t get repaired there could be extensive damage to carpets or floorboards.

Before replacing a valve, our radiator specialist normally check to see whether any leaking is occurring from a neighbouring source. They will then dray the area surrounding the valve carefully. Then press tissue paper around various points to ascertain the source of the leak. This is essential as water can run round and drip, making another area appear as the cause of the problem

Our radiator experts have been train to check how your radiator problems happened and how we can deal with the problems so that we can prevent these problems from happening again.


How to Replace a Radiator

You need to first drain the old radiator and remove it from the wall. Then unscrew the two valve adaptors at the bottom of the radiator, using a radiator spanner of adjustable spanner. Use a bleed key to unscrew the bleed valve then remove the blanking plugs from the top of the radiator using a radiator spanner. Clean any corrosion from the threads of the adaptors and blanking plugs using wire wool.

Wind PTFE around the threads. Screw the plugs and adaptors into the new radiator and then screw the bleed valve into its blanking plug. Hang the new radiator on the wall brackets and connect the valves to the adaptors. Open the valves and then fill and bleed the radiator.
Radiator Installers

Our installer can find some good and cheap radiators with good quality or modern radiator that looks really nice to add value to your homes. When you want us to get new radiator for you - you can tell us what you need our gas installer can deal with this for you. Alternatively, you can just simply get the radiator yourself and we just come and fit it for you. When doing the install we would normally check radiator vent or air vent.

We don’t just do only domestic (residential) work but we also do commercial gas work as well. Changing radiator or fitting new commercial boilers can be a lot more complicated but that won’t be any problem to us because we have commercial heating installers who can deal with all issues..

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