Emergency Radiator Bleeding In Orleston Road

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Radiator Installers
Our installer can find some good and cheap radiators with good quality or modern radiator that looks really nice to add value to your homes. When you want us to get new radiator for you - you can tell us what you need our gas installer can deal with this for you. Alternatively, you can just simply get the radiator yourself and we just come and fit it for you. When doing the install we would normally check radiator vent or air vent.

We don’t just do only domestic (residential) work but we also do commercial gas work as well. Changing radiator or fitting new commercial boilers can be a lot more complicated but that won’t be any problem to us because we have commercial heating installers who can deal with all issues..
Tips - How to Install a New Radiator
Drain your central heating system and remove the old brackets from the wall. Lay the radiator face down on the floor and slide one of its brackets onto the hangers welded to the back of the radiator. Measure the position of the brackets and transfer these measurements onto the wall. Remember to allow a clearance of 100-125mm below the radiator. Line up the new radiator brackets with the pencil marks on the wall and mark the fixing screw holes for them. Drill and plug the holes and the screw the brackets into place. Take up the floorboards below the radiator and sever the vertical portions of the feed and return pipes. Connect the valves to the bottom of the radiator and hang it on its brackets. Slip a new vertical pipe into each of the valves and connect these pipes to the original pipework under the floor. Tighten the nuts connecting the new pipes to the valves. Finally, refill the system with water checking all the new connections and joints for leaks.


How to Bleed a Radiator

Most of you may try to bleed radiator yourself but do you know that most radiators have a bleed screw at the top of the radiator. Most of the time they are positioned at the ends of the radiator and sometimes they are on the back. Radiator bleed keys are normally made of soft metals such as Brass or alloy.


We can briefly tell you how to bleed radiator. When doing it you need to ensure that the central heating is switched off before bleeding or this can introduce even more Air into the system. It's a good idea NOT to bleed radiators with the central heating pump ON - if you do, there's always a risk that air might be drawn into the system making your problems worse. If you have a header tank ensure that the water supply is not isolated to this tank then Top up the boiler if necessary!


However, note that bleeding a sealed system will reduce the pressure which will need to be adjusted afterwards - this is normally done by turning on the mains cold water feed to the system as mentioned in step 6 below. Confirm before starting the bleeding process that you know how to re-pressurise the system - if in doubt, consult a heating engineer or proper registered plumbers like us – it’s best to call gas safe (corgi) registered plumbers like us – Our company to take care of all this for you.

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