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Radiator Installation / Radiator Fitters in London

When you want to have a new radiator fitted you need to look for a well-established company like us who can complete the work for you properly and professional. At Our company we can sort this out for you anytime.

Our gas safe (corgi) installers can deal with both Radiator leak repair as well as fix radiator and our specialist do this all the times so we know all the techniques. If you have any leak and our corgi engineers will try to carry out all the work to repair the leak first then if it’s not repairable they will recommended you to have a new one installed.

We always experience customers who have all types of radiator like plastic radiator, cast iron radiator and for your information you need to remember our registered plumbers can repair any of them.

When repairing and installation radiator we would recommend customer to have radiator flush it’s normally known as “power flushing” which will help reduce the risk of radiator leaking issues because when you get power flushing done it will clean the whole system completely as the chemical we use is the best which is called “Kamco” that will get rid of all the sludge in the system that would normally ruins your system and shorten the system’s age .

In case of replacing a new radiator - after power flushing has been done we will be able to replace radiator or install radiator. Sometime the customer may have problem with radiator valve we will fix or radiator valve repair. We have had some customers trying to do the work themselves but dealing with central heating radiator installation can be complicated so it’s always recommended to get a professional plumbing and heating company like our company to look after all these for you.

Our corgi (gas safe) registered plumber, can deal with baxi megaflo and deal with gas boiler replacement and our good plumbers will deal with all types of central heating combi boilers or gas boiler servicing and all plumbing services from drain leak to toilet leak to radiator maintenance

How to Replace a Radiator

You need to first drain the old radiator and remove it from the wall. Then unscrew the two valve adaptors at the bottom of the radiator, using a radiator spanner of adjustable spanner. Use a bleed key to unscrew the bleed valve then remove the blanking plugs from the top of the radiator using a radiator spanner. Clean any corrosion from the threads of the adaptors and blanking plugs using wire wool.

Wind PTFE around the threads. Screw the plugs and adaptors into the new radiator and then screw the bleed valve into its blanking plug. Hang the new radiator on the wall brackets and connect the valves to the adaptors. Open the valves and then fill and bleed the radiator.

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