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Our registered plumbers can help you with all issues you have. If you ever experience any radiator problem you know who to call!

A leaking radiator should be remedied as soon as possible. If it doesn’t get repaired there could be extensive damage to carpets or floorboards.

Before replacing a valve, our radiator specialist normally check to see whether any leaking is occurring from a neighbouring source. They will then dray the area surrounding the valve carefully. Then press tissue paper around various points to ascertain the source of the leak. This is essential as water can run round and drip, making another area appear as the cause of the problem.

Our radiator experts have been train to check how your radiator problems happened and how we can deal with the problems so that we can prevent these problems from happening again. 

There are many reason that cause radiator leaking problems :

Leaking radiator from the spindle - until the plumbers get to you – you can try it yourself by trying to tighten the nut or undo the nut and wind PTFE tape down into the spindle.

Leaking radiator at the coupling to the pipe – if you want to try fixing this yourself temporarily until our approved plumber get to your property. You can do it by tightening the nut gently if that doesn’t help, then drain the radiator. Then undo the cap nut, take off the fitting and replace the olive. Even though you would like to try it yourself but we always recommended to have this repaired by a professional registered like plumbers from us.

Leaking radiator caused by corrosion. If it’s the case then a new radiator needs to be installed. In an emergency a temporary repair can be made using a plastic resin filler. To help with any future corrosion problems, power flush is highly recommended to flush out the existing system with cleans water and adds a rust inhibitor to the water. We can definitely do power flushing for you and we always use the best chemical in the market to give you peace of mind that you will get value for your money when getting us to power flush your system.

Problem with radiator valve – our recommended plumbers have high skill and experience to repair the valve that is broken. In order to repair this you can drain part or all of the system and unscrew the cap nuts connecting the valve to the water pipe, then we will remove the valve, valve adapter from the radiator by unscrewing it, clean the threads in the end of the radiator and replace with a new one. However, you’d better get this done professionally as if it’s not done properly it can give you more problems – with our plumbers – they can show you all the procedures and how to do this properly.


Sometimes you will have to get "Power Flushing" done on your heating system and radiators so that you can keep your system clean and clear and you will not have to worry about having problem with radiator blockage.

What does power flushing mean?

Power Flushing is the process of removing or ‘flushing out’ accumulated ‘sludge’ deposits from central heating systems. A Power Flush can make a heating system more efficient and help save you money by avoiding the need for expensive repairs.

Unfortunately over the lifespan of a central heating system, black iron oxide more often referred to as ‘sludge’ will accumulate in the system. This can have potentially disastrous consequences on the efficiency of the heating system if remedial action is not taken in time. Very high fuel bills and the replacement of parts of the system are inevitable if internal corrosion is not kept at bay by a professional Power Flush.


How is power flushing carried out?

The Power Flush process is quite simple and is usually carried out in a day on residential properties. On larger commercial premises a Power Flush may take longer.

All we have to do is connect our Power Flush units to your pump or radiators. We then use special chemicals to break up the sludge in your heating system. The Power Flush machine will then cleanse the system by flushing it through with clean water. This will remove the black sludge and make your central heating system work much more effciently.


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