Property Refurbishment

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Our 24Hours Property Maintenance / Commercial Property Refurbishment / Property Development Services include:


  • Any Project Sized Renovation and Maintenance        * Domestic Property Refubishments
  • Commercial Property Refurbishments                        * Office Refurbisments                   
  • Hotel Refurbishments                                                 * Comeplete Building Projects
  • Commercial Kitchen Installation                                  * Domestic Kitchen Renovation
  • Landscaping Service                                                   * General Building Services - Builders
  • Bathroom Installation                                                   * Domestic Property Renovation
  • Commercial Property Renovation                               * Property Extensions & Converstion
  • Exterior Decorating                                                     * Interior Decorating
  • Solar Panel System Installation                                  * Solar Panel System Hot Water & Heating Install
  • Property Maintenance                                                 * Loft Conventions
  • Basement Convention                                                * Interior Design
  • Exterior Building Work                                                * Property Maintenance - Property Repairs
  • Joiners – Joinery                                                        * Carpenters - Canpentry Services
  • Reliable builder - Building contractors                        * Tiling Services  - Emergency Tillers
  • General building work                                                * Wall Tiles Broken Repairs
  • Floor Tiles Replacement                                            * Bathroom - Kitchen Fitting
  • Plasters – Plastering service                                      * Vinyl Flooring Installers
  • New Door Replacement                                             * Commercial Hall Refurbishments
  • Ceramic Floor Installation                                           * Brickwork and Blockwork
  • Suspended ceilings and partitioning                          * Decorating Services
  • Painter – Painting service                                          * Roofer - Emergency Roofing Services
  • Roofers – Emergency Roofing service                       * Gutter Cleaning Service
    Interior designers – Interior design                            * Home - Building Maintenance
  • Laminate Wood Flooring Installation                          * Glazing,Glass Broken Repair - Glaze Replacement
  • Window Glazing Service                                            * Paving Installation
  • Drain Manhole Cover Broken Replacement              * Fence Installation
  • Kitchen Canopy System Installation                          * Commercial Kitchen Ducting System  
  • Air-Conditioning and Ventilation System Install         * Complete Commercial Kitchen Fittings
  • Complete Plumbing System installation                     * Complete Heating System Installation
  • Complete Commercial Boiler Install                           * Central Heating Fitting in commercial property
  • Decorators & Plaster                                                  * Decorating Services


Our refurbishment specialist team can carry out all refurbishment projects of the highest quality, from installing interiors through to the complete commercial refurbishment


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Serving all Commercial & Residential Customers

  • - Landlords, tenants
  • - Overseas clents in all countries
  • - Commercial and domestic Landlord or tenant
  • - Clients from Surgeries, clinics, hospitals
  • - Clients in cinemas or theatres
  • - Hotel Clints
  • - Restaurant Clients
  • - Clients in Pub - Cafe
  • - Office Clients
  • - Supermarket Clients
  • - Shopping mall Clients
  • - Clients in Commercial Buildings
  • - Clients in Colleges, universities or schools
  • - Clients in Hospitol,Clinic,Surgery
  • - Production Factory clients
  • - Clients in the Markets
  • - Clients who work in all commercial properties
  • - Clients in the showrooms
  • - Clients in the showroom
  • - Senior Citizen Clients
  • - Charity clients
  • - Charity Clients
  • - Letting agent & Property maintenance customers
  • - Other Contractors and Trades Clients
  • - Customers in museum
  • - Customers in building sites
  • - Anyone in small, medium,large property
  • - Clients who live on the boats
  • - Clients who are in Mobile Caravans
  • - Clients in Factory


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