Emergency Boiler Repairs in Oxfordshire

Commercial boiler replacement







We have all multi specialist specialsits who are more than happy to assist all kinds of commercial and residential clients

  • Landlords, tenants                                                     * Overseas clents in all countries
  • Commercial – domestic Landlord or tenant                  * Clients from Surgeries, clinics, hospitals
  • Clients in cinemas or theatres                                     * Hotel Clints
  • Restaurant Clients                                                     * Clients in Pub - Cafe
  • Office Clients                                                            * Supermarket Clients
  • Shopping mall Clients                                                * Clients in Commercial Buildings
  • Clients in Colleges, universities or schools                   * Clients in Hospitol,Clinic,Surgery
  • Production Factory clients                                          * Clients in the Markets
  • Clients who work in all commercial properties              * Clients in the showrooms
  • Clients in the showroom                                            * Senior Citizen Clients
  • Charity clients                                                          * Charity Clients
  • Letting agent & Property maintenance customers        * Other Contractors and Trades Clients
  • Customers in museum                                              * Customers in building sites      
  • Anyone in small, medium,large property                    * Clents who live on the boats
  • Clients who are in Mobile Caravans                            * Clients in Factory

Being landlords or tenants? 

You may be a landlord who has many properties to rent out to tenant while you are abroad and need a reliable company to carry out the work professionally for you.  You may be the tenant who can’t get in touch with the your landlords/landladies that easily or immediately when you need some jobs done very quickly. You may want to have some jobs such as gas repair, bathroom or toilet installation, boiler replacement, emergency gas or water leak to get sorted out as urgently. Advanced Professional Plumbing & Heating Services can help you with all aspects of plumbing and heating and multi-trade service.  These are not problems at all as we are here for you. It’s even easier for you when you need to make any payment as we have credit card/debit card  or BACS transfer payment facility available to all of you who are property owners and tenants.

Customers from surgeries, clinics or hospitals? 

Being in Surgeries or Clinics or hospitals doesn’t matter if there are many patients in the hospitals but it’s not a problem when we work we will work safely and tidily as we know it’s very important to get the work done efficiency and properly you need gas engineer who has a lot of experience otherwise you will cause inconvenience to the patients or hospital staff for example if you have any burst pipe, pipe leaks or if you need copper pipe repairs and someone to do pipe fitting we have all pipe fitters to help you even though the pipe leaks, you need any plumbing fittings if you need macerator installation done we can help you with any macerator toilets, macerator pumps, saniflo macerator problems 

Apart from that we can still deal with air-conditioning repair and ventilation maintenance we deal industrial air conditioning units whatever the type it is  split system air conditioning or portable air conditioning units or  wall mounted air conditioning until commercial air conditioning installation, room air conditioning in case you have to get air conditioning heat pumps repaired or industrial air conditioner

Restaurant customers?

You will need to have boiler serviced done yearly, get your commercial gas cooker repaired, your commercial grill or oven are not working you know who to call! Gas safety and electrical safety certificate are always important things for you especially when you have responsibility for your staff’s safety as they need to be able to work safety. It’s the owner’s responsibility to get all your gas appliances, heating appliances, air-conditioning appliances, plumbing appliances checked over and make sure are. Our recommended gas safe plumbers (corgi) engineers are able to help with all this


Commercial Gas Catering Appliance Repairs, Installation

- Commercial Fryers in pub & restaurant                                        - Commercial Griddles, Chargrills 
- Commercial cookers,hobs                                                           - Cooking Bratt Pan 
- Electric Fryers                                                                           - Range burners in commercial properties
- Gas Fryers                                                                                - Panini maker repairs experts
- Range ovens, Range Burner Cookers                                           - Pizza, Pasta, Kebab making machines
- Grills / Salamanders                                                                  - Commercial hob unites
- Commercial toasters                                                                  - Commercial pasta boilers
- Falcon commercial burner ovens                                                 - Lincat commercial catering equipments 
- Commercial Imperial Burner Ovens,Gas barbecue                        -Commercial blue seal ovens
- Commercial convection oven                                                      - Lotus Commercial Fryers Repairs
- Commercial Gas Bratt Pan Cookers                                             - Gas Tandoori Oven Machine, Gas Japati making machine
- Boiling Top                                                                               -24 Hour Commercial Char Grill- Griddle

- Commercial bains marie's repair                                                 - Heated Gantry's repair and installation

- Oriental Gas Wok Ranges                                                           - Electric Oven, Cooker ranges

- Solid Top Installer                                                                     - Mixers engineer

- Commercial Water Boiller installation                                          - Hot cubboard repair

- Commercial Microwave installers                                                - All Electric Catering Appliances,cooker,hob,cooking machines

- Rational Self Cooking Catering repairs                                        - 24HR commercial rational new white efficiency cooking oven

- Emergency Rational white efficiency combi oven                          - Rational White self cooking centre installation

- New Rational white efficiency cooker approved engineers             - Catering rational self cooking combi oven approved installers  

Commercial Gas Interlock System

- Gas Safety Interlock Systems and Safety Proving Devices             - Ventilation and Gas Interlock Systems
- Flue-Boost Fans and Gas Safety Interlock Systems                       - Commercial Gas Interlocsk System Expert in London

Commercial boilers – heating appliances repair, service, installation

- Commercial Boiler Room                                                            - Commercial buderus Boiler Specialist
- Ideal Concord commercial heating engineer                                 - Emergency Ideal Concord radiator installers

Commercial Wood Fuelled Heating Boilers Repair,Service & Installation

- Commercial Wood Fuelled Heating Boilers                                    -Biomass Commercial Wood fuelled heating Installation
- Hamworthy commercial boiler installers                                       -Hamworthy Water Heater

Commercial LPG Cookers, LPG boiler heating

LPG cookers repair                                                                     -LPG cooking machines engineers
- LPG Cooker on Boat                                                                   -LPG cooker repair,installer for mobile homes    

- LPG Boiler Installers                                                                   -LPG Heating Breakdown 

- LPG Boiler Services                                                                    -LPG Heating Services   

Commercial Laundry & Cleaning Appliances Repair

- Commercial & Domestic Washing Machine                                   -Commercial Tumble Dryers
- Commercial Glass washer Repair                                                -Commercial and Domestic Dishwasher Repair and Installers

Commercial Canopy Extraction Services

- Axial fan commercial catering                                                     - Axial Flow Extractor Fans, Centrifugal fan  
- Commercial Kitchen                                                                   - Commercial Extraction Exhaust Installation

Wood Burning Stove Repair, Installation

- Multi fuel stoves repair                                                                -Wood burning stove without a chimney
- Fuel burning stoves                                                                    -Wood burner chimney safety checks

Commercial and Domestic Underground moling service

- Emergency Moling services                                                          -24HR moling service groundwork engineers
- External commercial pipe moling service                                       -External commercial pipe moling experts

Commercial Pipe Purging Services

- Commercial Gas Pipework Sizing                                                   -Commercial Gas Pipework Strength Testing
- Pipework tightness test                                                                -Commercial Gas Pipework Tightness Testing

Emergency Underfloor Heating services, Repair & Installation

Emergency Solar Panel Heating - Solar Panel Hot Water Services, Repair & Installation

BMS Building Management System (BMS/ACIS System)

-BMS system repairs                                                                     -Commercial BMS (ACIS) system maintenance

-BMS system services                                                                   -BMS system engineers (ACIS)

Asbestos Removal Services

- Emergency Asbestos Removal Services                                        -24Hours Asbestos Removal Specialist 

- 24Hours Asbestos Removal Engineer                                           -Asbestos Removal Contractor

Our engineers are located in many different areas of London & surrounding boroughs


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