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As we do offer wide range of specialist services and it also includes Oil Heating - Oil fired Boiler repair, installation and servicing. You will be glad to know you only come to one stop service like us and you can get everything done.


About Oil Boilers

If you’re looking for a new or replacement oil boiler for your homes' central heating and hot water you can contact us to get the right advice what would be the right boiler for you. Being in this trade for years you understand everyone needs reliable and efficient domestic oil boiler that will heat your home cost effectively and not break down.   The floor-standing domestic oil boiler could be perfect for you if you want a new or replacement oil fired boiler, or combination oil boiler.

However, if you already have an Oil boiler for your central heating in your home and doesn’t work properly, doesn’t fire up we can help you sort this as we can send out the Oftec registered engineer to sort all the problems out for you.

What Types of Oil Fired Boilers Are There? 

The range of oil fired boilers today is very similar to that of the gas fired boilers - the only difference being the fuel that they run on. Oil boilers are therefore available in the following forms :

  • Regular oil boilers
  • System oil boilers
  • Combination oil boilers

On 1st April 2007 new condensing boiler regulations for oil boilers were put into place to reduce CO2 emissions. This now means that all new and replacement oil boilers that are installed into domestic homes have to be condensing boilers unless the dwelling has been classed as exempt.


Combination oil fired boilers

Combination oil boilers heat the radiators and the hot water on demand when the boiler is turned on. This means that there is instantaneous hot water which is ideal for most families. Their main drawback, however, is that their flow rate can be quite slow because the water is being heated as it flows through the boiler and so combination oil boilers are not really suitable for larger houses or those with more than two bathrooms.

Regular or conventional oil fired boilers

Regular oil boilers are always found with an associated hot water storage tank, normally located in the airing cupboard. When the boiler is turned on the radiators and hot water heat up and then the hot water is stored until it is required. Regular oil boilers are particularly suited to large houses where hot water might be needed on demand by more than one person at the same time. In addition their flow rates are generally quite high which means they can easily provide hot water to multiple appliances without a decrease in performance.

Regular oil boilers can also be fitted externally if the need arises. This means that there is no running noise within the house and that valuable space is not lost in small, compact kitchens. In addition the oil boiler can be maintained and serviced from outside even when there is nobody at home.

System oil fired boilers

System oil boilers are very similar to regular boilers in that they make use of a hot water storage tank. The main difference between the two is that a system boiler contains all of the important components of the heating system actually within the boiler case. This means that the pump, the expansion vessel, the automatic air vent, the safety valve and the controls are all packed into the boiler which makes installation and maintenance much easier and quicker. Unfortunately, however, this also means that system boilers are often a bit larger in size than their regular counterparts.


Contrary to popular belief oil fired boilers are often as quiet, clean and efficient as gas fired boilers. They are also very similar in size which makes them just as suitable for most kitchens. Some oil boilers can also be fitted externally which means less disruption, less mess during installation and more available space left in the kitchen area.



We offer wide range of services to all domestic and commecial clients and we have built up ur client based over the years ;

  • Landlords, tenants                                                   * Overseas clents in all countries
  • Commercial – domestic Landlord or tenant               * Clients from Surgeries, clinics, hospitals
  • Clients in cinemas or theatres                                  * Hotel Clints
  • Restaurant Clients                                                    * Clients in Pub - Cafe
  • Office Clients                                                            * Supermarket Clients
  • Shopping mall Clients                                                * Clients in Commercial Buildings
  • Clients in Colleges, universities or schools               * Clients in Hospitol,Clinic,Surgery
  • Production Factory clients                                        * Clients in the Markets
  • Clients who work in all commercial properties           * Clients in the showrooms
  • Clients in the showroom                                            * Senior Citizen Clients
  • Charity clients                                                           * Charity Clients
  • Letting agent & Property maintenance customers    * Other Contractors and Trades Clients
  • Customers in museum                                               * Customers in building sites      
  • Anyone in small, medium,large property                   * Clents who live on the boats
  • Clients who are in Mobile Caravans                           * Clients in Factory



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