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Our Plumbers alway experience customers who have all types of radiator like plastic radiator, cast iron radiator and for your information you need to remember our registered plumbers can repair any of them.

When repairing and installation radiator we would recommend customer to have radiator flush it’s normally known as “power flushing” which will help reduce the risk of radiator leaking issues because when you get power flushing done it will clean the whole system completely as the chemical we use is the best which is called “Kamco” that will get rid of all the sludge in the system that would normally ruins your system and shorten the system’s age .

In case of replacing a new radiator - after power flushing has been done we will be able to replace radiator or install radiator. Sometime the customer may have problem with radiator valve we will fix or radiator valve repair. We have had some customers trying to do the work themselves but dealing with central heating radiator installation can be complicated so it’s always recommended to get a professional plumbing and heating company like Our company to look after all these for you.


Our corgi (gas safe) registered plumber, can deal with baxi megaflo and deal with gas boiler replacement and our good plumbers will deal with all types of central heating combi boilers or gas boiler servicing and all plumbing services from drain leak to toilet leak to radiator maintenance

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How Radiators Work

Radiators are 'heat exchangers': they transfer the heat of the hot water inside them to the colder air around them, thus heating the air and warming the room. They are made of metal (usually steel, sometimes cast iron or aluminium), because metal is a good conductor of heat, and also retains heat well. These days radiators tend to be thin and flat, and corrugated, to maximise the hot surface area, and hence maximise the heat exchange. Many modern radiators have 'fins': ribbons or extensions made of thin metal attached to the main body of the radiator. These extend even further the heated surface area that is exposed to the air.



In fact, fins do more than this. Because air can pass between them, they draw in cold air from floor level, and warm it. Warm air rises, so is emitted into the room as a current. This motion, called convection, helps to fill the whole room with warm air. By contrast, radiators without fins (i.e. the simplest, single-panel radiators) mainly give out radiant heat, with less efficient convection.


Open and Sealed Systems Radiators

There are two types of water-based central heating systems: open and sealed - but they look pretty much the same on the outside. Both have water systems that are kept separate from the tap water used in the house. Central heating water will expand and contact as it heats and cools. To cope with this, an open system has a top-up tank (usually located in the roof space), called a 'feed and expansion tank'. It is fed from the mains like a mini cold-water storage tank. By contast, with a sealed system, a pressure vessel, containing compressed gas, is used to absorb the expansion of the hot water.

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