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Combination Boiler Replacement & Repairs


Our Gas safe registered - (corgi) gas engineers have been recommended and trained properly so they can deal with all gas combi boilers, oil condensing boilers, gas condensing boilers, vaillant condensing boilers ,Gledhill system. We normally send our Corgi registered engineers to do gas engineer training every so often. This is what makes us different to other engineers from other companies as we know once they all have been through the training they will become more confident and they can deal with difficult situations of complicated jobs.


When we do the service on gas boilers we service them and do proper checks. We always comply with gas regulations all the time so that you will be assured that everything , every job will be done up to really high standard that is set by the government.


When doing some central heating installations – if they are quite involved jobs or if a few engineers are ever required on sites to complete the jobs. We will be able to accommodate by sending a team of experienced central heating installers who are top class and they know how to deal with unforeseen complications. All jobs are different and they depend on the type of the property, some will need bosch combi boiler, some are suitable for combi boiler installation and some will be more suitable for condensing combination boilers but ever process and possibility will be explained to you so that you know what to expect and not to expect.


What is combination boiler and how combination boiler works


Combination boiler  is a design of boiler which can have an increased efficiency over the more traditional boiler. The efficiency of a typical non-condensing boiler is around 75%, whereas with condensing boilers it can be over 87%. This increased efficiency is due to the extraction of heat from the otherwise wasted flue gases. Most boilers have a single combustion chamber enclosed by the waterways of the heat exchanger through which the hot gases can pass. These gases are eventually expelled through the flue, located at the top of the boiler, at a temperature of around 180°C.


Condensing boilers, on the other hand, are designed first to allow the heat to rise upwards through the primary heat exchanger; when at the top the gases are rerouted and diverted over a secondary heat exchanger. These can reduce the flue gas temperature to about 55°C. This reduction of temperature causes the water vapour (formed during the combustion process) to condense and, as the droplets of water form, fall by gravity to collect at the base of the flue manifold. The remaining gases are expelled to the outside environment through a fan-assisted balanced flue. The condensation produced within the appliance should be drained as necessary into the waste discharge pipework or externally into a purpose-made soakaway.


It is only possible for a condensing boiler to work to these very high efficiencies if the flow and return pipework is also kept below 55°C. The flow & return temperatures need to be maintained for the heat transference to occur from the flue to the water (i.e. heat transference goes from hotter to cooler materials).


Many people are installing condensing boilers in homes which are fitted with radiators and a primary flow and return to the hot water. Some of these people may be under the impression they are getting more for their money; unfortunately, as stated above, low flow and return connections are essential; therefore they are not making the vast savings they are led to expect. For a central heating system to work with radiators and hot water primary circuits, flow temperatures need to be around 82°C, so in fact the installer has put in an expensive condensing boiler which gives only slightly improved efficiency over the more traditional boiler. The appliance basically only works in its condensing mode during initial heat-up.

To achieve a system which will function in its condensing mode the installer needs to consider a suitable system of radiant heating



Some of commercial specialist and domestic skilled trades that we offer 24HR services to deal with emergency situation such as repair and installation are as follows :


  • Emergency Gas Safe (Corgi) Registered Plumbers    * Commercial Gas Engineers
  • Domestic Gas Engineers                                             * Heating Breakdown Repairs
  • Heating Boiler Installation                                            * All typs of Gas Works
  • Power Flushing to take our sludge                               * Landlord Gas Safety Certificates
  • Gas Boilers Repair – Installation                                 * Electric Boiler Repairs
  • Electric Heating Installation                                         * Gledhills Boilermate Repairs
  • Warm Air Unit Heating System                                    * Underfloor Heating Repars (both types)
  • UFH Installation both water and electric types            * Oil Boiler Repairs            
  • Commercial Oil Boiler Repair                                      * Oil Heating Boiler Installed 
  • Oil Boiler Commissioning and decommissioning        * Back Boiler Specialists
  • Megaflo Cylinders                                                       * Vented - Un-vented Water Cylinder Burst
  • Vented and Un-vented Installation                              * Cold Water Tank Supply and Install
  • Immersion Heaters                                                      * Gas Fire Repair - Gas Fire Installation
  • Electric Fire Installation                                               * Electric Fire Installation
  • Water Heaters                                                             * Plumbing Services (taps,basins,toilet,ect)
  • Plumbing Repair (power showers)                              * Water Softener Installers
  • Macerator Toilet Replacement                                    * Gas Repair - Fault Finding Services
  • LPG Heating Boiler Repairs                                        * LPG Boiler Repair on Boats or Mobile Homes
  • Radiator Fitting                                                            * Raditor Replacement
  • Tower Rail Installers                                                   * Electrical Repairs
  • Electric Appliance Installation                                     * Electric Fuse - Consumer Unit Install
  • Light Bulbs, Transformers                                           * Electrical Fault Finding Repairs
  • Electrical Rewiring                                                      * Electrical Safety Certificates
  • NICEIC Safety Inspection                                           * Electrical upgrading works and PAT testing
  • EPC Energy Performance Certificates                       * EPC Energency Certificate for Property Buyer
  • LPG gas services                                                       * Solar Panel System Installation
  • Solar Panel Efficiiency Repair                                    * Air-Conditioning Repair and Installation
  • Excess Hatches for flue in voilds inspection              * Flue in Voids Hatches Installation
  • Hatches for boiler flue in voids installers                    * Eemrgency Boiler Gas Flue in Voids Fitters
  • Excess Hatches flur in voids gas engineers              * Emergency Gas safe inspection and boiler service

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