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What is an "Gas Interlock Systems" (GIS)?


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The failure of a commercial catering kitchen ventilation system represents a serious health and safety issue. Certain cooking equipment can potentially generate a high output of waste flue gases which are dangerous. Which is why current gas regulations now have a mandatory requirement for the installation of a gas interlock system in most modern commercial catering kitchens which should be fitted by a suitably accredited gas engineer. Gas interlock systems is system that gas is proving systems for commercial kitchen installation and school or college laboratory.


• Cuts off gas flow in the event of kitchen extract fan failure

• Now a mandatory requirement in most commercial kitchens

• How G.I.S Works

• When is a Gas Interlock System a Mandatory Requirement

• System requirements

• Optional Extras

• Important documents




Sensors placed either side of the ductwork fan monitor air pressure. They are connected to an air differential switch, which is activated when the pressure difference changes. Alternatively the current taken by the fan can be monitored by a fan power sensor. The 230V G.I.S. monitors this switch/sensor and in the event of fan failure will close the gas solenoid and cut off the gas flow to kitchen appliances.


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