Emergency Boiler Breakdown Engineer


-Central Heating installation, replacement, repair, maintenance, fault finding

-System boiler Heating installation, replacement, repair, maintenance, fault finding

-Central Heating installation, replacement, repair, maintenance, fault finding


Whenever you need a new boiler installed. Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services also makes sure you get value for your money from the top quality boilers like Valliant. They are designed to give you sufficient performance as a market leader in the UK. This is how we build up our reputation - just by giving the customer the best advice and focus what you get from what you spend – see www.vaillant.co.uk for more details.


You also have different option. Look at Worcester Bosch and see more on www.worcester-bosch.co.uk

However, if you look for any other boilers to be installed or have any problems with these boilers like Ariston, Alpha, Baxi, Biasi, Ariston, Chaffoteaux, Ferroli, Glowworm, Halstead, Ideal, Jaguar, Johnson, Keston Myson , Ravenheat, Starley, Saunier Duvall, Potterton , Sime Vokera


“Leading heating company with leading boiler manufacturers”


Installing a good on boiler like Valliant brand can really make differences to your life. They are designed to give you sufficient performance as a market leader in the UK. This is how we build up our reputation - just by giving the customer the best advice and focus what you get from what you spend.


·     http://www.vaillant.co.uk/                                                                     www.potterton.co.uk

·     http://www.baxi.co.uk/                                                                           http://www.ariston.co.uk/

·     http://www.biasi.co.uk/                                                                         http://www.ferroli.co.uk/

·     http://www.keston.co.uk/                                                                      http://www.glow-worm.co.uk/

·     http://www.vokera.co.uk/                                                                      www.idealheating.com

·    http://www.gledhill.net/                                                                        http://www.dimplex.co.uk                                    

·     http://www.alpha-innovation.co.uk/                                                    http://www.andrewswaterheaters.co.uk/

·     www.worcester-bosch.co.uk                                                               http://www.viessmann.co.uk

·     http://www.johnsonandstarley.co.uk/                                                 http://www.grantuk.com/

·     http://www.myson.co.uk                                                                        http://www.saunier-duval.co.uk/

·     http://www.firebird.ie                                                                              http://www.uk.remeha.com/

·     http://www.lochinvar.ltd.uk/                                                                   http://www.mhsboilers.com

·     www.idealheating.com                                                                         www.warmflow.co.uk

·     www.ravenheat.co.uk                                                                            www.mistralboilers.com

·     www.trianco.co.uk                                                                                  www.mainheating.co.uk

·     http://www.morphyrichards.co.uk                                                        http://www.halsteadglendimplex.com

·     www.ariston.co.uk                                                                                  http://www.heatline.co.uk/boilers

·     www.atagheating.co.uk                                                                         www.alpha-innovation.co.uk/

·     www.eco-hometec.co.uk/


Recommended commercial & Domestic heating engineers


 Our recommended commercial heating engineers are registered and qualifies to do central heating installations even under floor heating system repair and installations they are also heating contractors who take on all work in commercial buildings, offices, homes. When you have problems with heating or plumbing we have heating plumbing specialists who can assist you with heating repair, heating breakdown and some time your heating may be broken because it needs to part like gas filter, gas heat pump , gas valve repair, thermocouple repair, gas boiler spares as they can be important parts that are needed in order to get the heating working

Commercial boiler manufacturers


Not only domestic that we deal with, We also deal with commercial boilers as well so if you are commercial customers from Surgery, Clinic,  Hospital, Cinema, Theatre ,Restaurant, Office, College , University, Schools, Hotel, Guest House, Wedding hall, Factory, Shopping Centre, Superstore, Museum, Building sites or even if you are commercial Landlord, Letting agent & Property , Builders, carpenters, other trade contractors you will have peach of mind that we can deal with bigger stuff like commercial appliances below too.


REMEHA Commercial & Domestic boilers                                            

PEERLESS Commercial & Residential

WEIL MCLAIN GAS OIL Commercial & Residential boilers               

COLUMBIA Commercial & Industrial Boilers

BUDERUS Commercial & Industrial

Commercial Boiler Breakdown engineer Battersea, Blackfriars

gas safe thames water enginerer 

Available 7 days per week
24 Hours Per Day

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