Commercial LPG Cooker Maintenance In Castelnau

At Our company - We have 24our experienced LPG registered engineers/ specialist who know how to convert Normal Cooker to LPG cooker

We have trustworthy LPG plumbing and heating engineers as well as LPG installers who can fit LPG boiler for you. LPG system can sometimes be better than electric system as it can help you save your electricity bill. We’ve been using too much electricity energy for years now it’s the time for all of us to try to help the world save energy otherwise we will experience more serious environmental problems. Who knows? We may end up being with no electricity at all? Let’s start it today sooner than rather.

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Our LPG services cover :

-LPG Combi boiler (combination) 
-LPG system boilers
-LPG condensing boiler
-LPG boiler installation
-LPG central heating system
-LPG cooker
-LPG oven for boats,mobile homes
-LPG hob
-LPG unit
-LPG meters

Knowledge about LPG Range Cooker

Many, perhaps more remote properties will be using Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the form of Butane or Propane via tanks or bottles external to the property. In the Channel Isles, although the gas supply may be piped into the house in the normal way, the gas used is LPG mixed with air.

For an LPG range (either all-gas or dual fuel) you will need both an LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) supply and an electrical supply sufficient for your chosen range.

All-LPG Ranges Cookers 

As the demand for all-LPG ranges is very low, many manufacturers have dropped them from their product range in recent years. Only a few models are now available, and Rangemaster is the only major brand still offering them.

All-gas cookers need to be purpose-built for the type of gas used and are not convertible. They must not be used with the wrong gas type. 

LPG Hobs - Cooking with a gas hob is often the preferred method, as it has the benefits of instant heat and rapid response, and boil-over situations are quickly averted.

LPG Gas hobs will offer burners in various sizes, from low simmering burners to powerful wok burners, and will often feature removable or fixed griddle-plates. A glass lid is sometimes featured, which will include a safety shut-off valve for when the lid is down.

LPG Ovens - A conventional gas oven uses natural heat convection, so the oven cavity is cooler at the bottom and hotter at the top. Conventional ovens are ideal for traditional roasting, with meat being placed in the middle of the oven, potatoes at the top and puddings towards the bottom. Fanned gas ovens are technically very challenging to produce, and are not available on range cookers.

Dual Fuel (LPG convertible)

A dual fuel range uses both gas and electricity, and you will need your LPG gas supply in place, together with an electrical supply sufficient for your chosen model (see product spec table).

Dual fuel is by far the most popular choice of range cooker because it brings together the benefits of both fuel types, combining the responsiveness of a gas hob with the speed and efficiency of electric ovens.

An electric oven can often provide you with a good deal of cooking flexibility. In addition to conventional (zoned heat) electric ovens, most ranges will feature a fanned or multi-function oven, or perhaps a mixture of all three types.

Pre-heating - A major advantage of electric ovens is fast warm-up times compared to gas ovens. Fanned ovens are particularly good in this respect, and In addition to added convenience, will also save energy. To get the best results from a conventional gas or electric oven, you will need to allow 10 to 15 minutes before placing your dishes in (compared to 3 to 4 minutes for a fanned oven). Placing-in food only when the oven is to temperature is especially important when cooking chilled or frozen foods.

LPG Hob Conversion
- Most dual fuel models are convertible for use with LPG. There are only a few exceptions, and you will find confirmation of this within the specification table on each product page. Many products will come built for mains gas and have the kit included ready for conversion by your own installation engineer. Some manufacturers (e.g. Britannia) will convert the product for you prior to delivery, at your request at time of order.

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