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Your dehumidifier works a bit like your refrigerator, except inside-out. But unlike you refrigerator it has a fan which draws air into itself. Most dehumidifiers can draw several thousands of cubic meters of air during a single day, with all the dusk, dust mites, fluff, dander and dog hair which comes with it!


Over time, this forms a thick blanket of insulation over all the working parts of your dehumidifier, especially the fan itself, which will then run impaired and will lead to overheating of the compressor.


This in turn leads to greater pressure in the system, pressure which the system was never intended to sustain. Gas leaks are usually the result. That's provided of course that the fan and compressor haven't already burned out, and haven't caused a fire in the process!

As you can see from the above, regular

checks and inspection of your dehumidifier are therefore essential, that's apart from checking of pipe joints, compressor wear, and system efficiency and correct humidistat function.

Here at SCES Air Conditioning we have experience in the management of dehumidifier and air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration system. So, why take a chance and risk dehumidifier failure?


24Hrs Commercial De-Humidifier repair, maintenance, installation on boat


Like your home, your boat, caravan or mobile home is filled with costly high quality finishes such as wood and fabrics. Such materials are very susceptible to dampness caused by airborne moisture. Boats and caravans are often unused for several months of the year and remain sealed and unventilated for long periods of time.

If a dehumidifier is not used, moist air becomes trapped inside, leading to that familiar damp, musty scent of mould and fungus bacteria. If untreated, your wooden finishes become stained, and soft fabrics start to develop mould and will eventually rot

A dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air of a sealed boat of caravan and feed into a reservoir tank or drained outside, effectively removing all moisture from the air, and keeping your boat or caravan damp free.

The high quality interiors of caravans and boats are especially vulnerable to mould and damp caused through trapped moist air.

Such finishes will quickly deteriorate and become tarnished even after short periods of time.
Our portable dehumidifier units can be supplied to de-humidify any interior, large or small

Likewise, small air conditioning units can help to keep your boat or caravan cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. We also provide blower heaters and fans to keep air circulating, which help prevent moisture stagnating in corners and less accessible places. 

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