Canopy Ducting

Commercial extractor fans are an essential part of your kitchen and required by law. A well designed commercial kitchen ventilation system will ensure that poisonous carbon monoxide gases and grease elements in the air are removed to the level required by the Health & Safety Executive and local planning authorities.

All commercial kitchen extraction systems require a canopy to collect the fumes, effective ducting, fan/s and carbon and grease filters. The extraction system must also be designed to minimise noise and vibration to neighbours. Expert advice in kitchen extraction is essential to make sure your kitchen is safe and sound.

We have kitchen canopy extraction / ducting system experts who can help with :

  • Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extraction / Ducting System Design
  • Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extraction / Ducting System Canopy Supply
  • Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extraction / Ducting System Install
  • Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extraction / Ducting System Maintenance
  • Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extraction / Ducting System Advice
  • Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extraction / Ducting System Repair

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Commercial Canopy Extraction Services, 24 Hours Commercial Canopy Extraction System Installation

- Axial fan commercial catering                                           - Axial Flow Extractor Fans, Centrifugal fan  
- Commercial Kitchen                                                           - Commercial Extraction Exhaust System Installation
- Flakt Woods Aixal fan                                                         - Used to extract fan in commercial kitchen
- Mixed Flow/Turbo Extractor Fans                                     - Woods Axcent 3 Mixed Flow Extractor Fans (Turbo)
- ACK Mixed Flow Extractor Fans (Turbo)                           - Woods Twin Turbo High Pressure Fans (Controller Model)
- Commercial Canopy Services                                            - Commercial and Industrial ventilation systems
- Kitchen Extraction Systems                                                - Toilet and washroom extraction
- Canopy Service and repair                                                 - Contract maintenance
- Fans and Filters replacement                                             -Stainless steel bespoke canopies design and installation


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