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Electron beam welding

Electron beam welding (EBW) is a fusion welding process in which a beam of high-velocity electrons is applied to the materials being joined. The workpieces melt as the kinetic energy of the electrons is transformed into heat upon impact, and the filler metal, if used, also melts to form part of the weld. The welding is often done in conditions of a vacuum to prevent dissipation of the electron beam. German physicist Karl-Heinz Steigerwald, who was at the time working on various electron beam applications, perceived and developed the first practical electron beam welding machine which began operation in 1958.

It is well known that electrons are elementary particles possessing the mass m = 9.1E10-31 kg and negative electrical charge e = 1.6E10-19 C. They exist either bound to an atomic nucleus, as conduction electrons in the atomic lattice of metals, or free electrons in vacuum.

The free electrons in vacuum can be accelerated and their orbits controlled by electric and magnetic fields. In this way we can form narrow beams of electrons carrying high kinetic energy, which at collisions with atoms in solids transform their kinetic energy into heat. Thanks to some specific conditions, this way of heating gives us exceptional possibilities.


Our Pipe Experts And Multi-Trades Specialist And Our Team Are More Than Happy To Assist All Kinds Of Commercial And Residential Clients.

  • Landlords, tenants                                                                * Overseas clients in all countries
  • Commercial – domestic Landlord or tenant                     * Clients from Surgeries, clinics, hospitals
  • Clients in cinemas or theatres                                             * Hotel Clints
  • Restaurant Clients                                                                 * Clients in Pub - Cafe
  • Office Clients                                                                          * Supermarket Clients
  • Shopping mall Clients                                                           * Clients in Commercial Buildings
  • Clients in Colleges, universities or schools                       * Clients in Hospital
  • Clients at Clinic,Surgery                                                       * Clients in the Markets
  • Clients who work in all commercial properties               * Clients in the showrooms
  • Clients in the showroom                                                      * Senior Citizen Clients
  • Charity clients                                                                        * Charity Clients
  • Letting agent & Property maintenance customers         * Other Contractors and Trades Clients
  • Customers in museum                                                         * Customers in building sites      
  • Anyone in small, medium,large property                         * Clents who live on the boats
  • Clients who are in Mobile Caravans                                  * Production Factory clients 
  • Clients who are at Airports                                                 * Clients in Factory  

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