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As you know, any serious leaking pipe, leaking shower, burst pipe can cost you thousands of pounds. As we experience this all the time so you should actually try to prevent this sort of things from happening to save you from all the hassles


However, if it did happen we have very reliable, experienced local plumbers who can attend all emergency situation for example bath tap leaking. Shower broken and causing damaged to the floor or ceiling, emergency burst water pipe, emergency burst water pipe, Plumbing pipe fitting lose connection, leaky pipe, burst pipe, repair water pipe, water pipe repairs, burst pipe repair, copper pipe repair , drainage pipe leaking etc. 

Our plumbing specialists are gas safe registered and always on standby for you so it’s your peach of mind to know that we will always attend to any emergency situation you may have as soonest as we can both during the day time and night time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


List of Plumbing Manufactures that we deal with (Shower . bathroom, showers )


To give you example of what these plumbing (bathroom suppliers) can provide. This will help you just in case you ever look for some certain showers, taps or plumbing bath

Kohler www.kohler.com kohler bathroom suite fitters, bathroom taps, electric showers, mixer shower repairs, Gainsborough Showers www.gainsboroughshowers.co.uk, Galaxy Showers www.galaxy-showers.com Grohe  batroom taps, shower mixers www.grohe.co.uk shower cubicles Hansgrohe www.hansgrohe.co.uk, shower enclosures, wet rooms, bathroom furniture, wet rooms Heritage Bathroom installers www.heritagebathrooms.com, HiB bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirror, bathroom furniture, bathroom lighting www.hib.co.uk, HSK showers, radiators www.hsk-showers.com, Huppe shower enclosures and shower trays www.huppe.net, Ideal Standard bath shower screens, bathroom suites www.ideal-standard.co.uk, Imperial Bathroom suites, cabinet www.ideal-standard.co.uk, TC Bathrooms www.tc-bathrooms.com, cast iron baths, steam cabinets, bath taps, Tre Mercati www.tremercati.co.uk, Lakes Bathroom shower cubicles www.lakesbathrooms.co.uk


Tips & Hints when you have shower handle leaking in your property

A worn valve stem washer is the culprit behind a leaking shower faucet handle. The valve stem is behind the handle and controls the flow of water. The washer on the back of the valve stem constantly is under pressure, eventually wearing out. When the valve stem washer no longer provides a tight seal, the result is water leaking around the faucet handle. Make sure that you turn the water supply off before you remove a valve stem or you will have water shooting across the shower.

Steam Shower Installers North London

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